Dumb Ways To Die


  • Increase public awareness and engagement with rail safety.
  • Generate PR, buzz and sharing around our message about rail safety. Although an exact Key Performance Indicator could not be determined there was an expectation that the campaign would generate earned media on and offline.
  • Invite a commitment to be safe.
  • See a reduction of near misses and accidents at level crossings and station platforms over 12 months by 10 per cent.
  • Survive the game as long as possible by completing each level safely.


Electric Wire- Connect the wires quickly

Success-The Yellow Person lights up beautiful and colorful lights.

Failure-The house will burn along with the person.

burned home

Connect The Balloons- Drag the strings of the balloons to the hand

Success-He is happy to have his balloons

Failure-He will go down the railroad to get the balloons but will die while doing so.

connect the ballons

Defend The Private Parts- Flick the piranhas away

Success-The blue person can dance safely in the sea.

Failure-Because the blue person is carelessly dancing in the sea with dangerous fishes, the piranhas will eat his skin and try to eat his bone too.

defend the private parts.jpg

Don’t Let Him Fall- Tilt the phone to balance him until time runs out

Success-He is alive.

Failure-He is dead.

dont let him fall

Don’t Press The Red Button- Don’t do anything until time runs out

Success-Nothing bad will happen.

Failure-You just pressed the button that will make your current place be bombed by nuclear missile.

dont press the button

Stop The Dryer- Spin the dryer in the opposite direction

Success-The dryer stops and the person can get out alive.

Failure-He explodes with blood inside the dryer.


Duck- Tap the screen when the bear is on the yellow line

Success-You can get all the candies inside the bear’s stomach.

Failure-Your upper body will get eaten by the bear.


Eat Medicine- Don’t let him take the pills

Success-He survives.

Failure-He will be dead due to the pills.

eat medicine

Falling in the train- Move them away from the yellow line

Success-No one will fall into the railroad.

Failure-Whoever was in the yellow line will fall and be strucked by the train.

falling in the train

Blow- Blow to the phone or say “AHHHHHH” to the phone

Success-The plane will go up and fly happily.

Failure-The plane will crash and the rider’s body will be cut into half and he will die.


Being Hit By A Baseball Bat- Dodge all the baseball bats

Success-He will jump in joy and run away from the drug dealer.

Failure-He will get hit by the baseball bat and he will collapse and bleed out.

hitting a trash can

Patience- Spell the word “Patience” before time runs out

Success-He will wait for the train to go away.

Failure-He will break the rules and will end up getting hit by the train.


Eating an expired pie- Wash off the puke in the screen

Success-He will not slip.

Failure-He will slip in his puke and die.


Invite A Psycho Killer Inside- Press the door with the panda

Success-No one will kill you.

Failure-A green man will kill you once you open the door.psycho

Run!- Tap the screen as fast as you can

Success-You will not get burned.

Failure-You will get burned.

run as fast as you can

Add Mustard- Trace the lines properly

Success-The snake will bite the hotdog.

Failure-The snake will bite your eye.snake

Stop the blood- Block the holes with your fingers

Success-She will be in love with her lover.

Failure-She will slowly collapse and die.

stop the blood

Swat- Tap the wasps to kill them

Success-He will be alive happily playing.

Failure-He will continue to play and the wasps will kill him.


Get your bread out of the toaster- Lift the fork with the break carefully not touching  anything

Success-She will be able to eat.

Failure-She will get electric shock to death.



  • They appear whenever you finished a level. You have 3 lives meaning 3 cheerleaders. When you die once, a cheerleader will also die and rest in peace. When you complete a level successfully, no one dies and all 3 of them cheers for you.




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